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Welcome To BlackJack Bikes

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Blackjack Bikes are all about attitude.

Jack Nielsen, the company owner, has been riding on the edge with his bike since he was 6. He’s always pushes his bikes - BMX, freestyle, mountain bike, road bike, cyclocross, fat bike - to ride his way: like taking time in a hotly-contested cross-country race to do a table-top off a berm, even if it means losing the race.

Maybe you ride with an edge, maybe you want an edge, a little aggression. You want to ride the trails on your own terms on a bike that goes exactly where you want it to go.

Or maybe it feels like the bike is pushing you a little, challenging you to push yourself, go outside your comfort zone.

Currently Blackjack offers high quality carbon mountain bike and fat bike frames, as well as carbon rims (wheels) and forks for fat bikes.

Frames come in red, white, and black paint, and you can order them with a base, Shimano XT, or Shimano XTR package. Or you can tell Jack to put whatever you want on your bike. In whatever color.

You could even trick your frame out with airbrushed playing cards or skulls or a casino-theme.

What makes Blackjack Bikes different is the relationship you get with Jack. Got a problem with something on the bike? Call Jack directly. Not a secretary or someone in China.

Every bike comes with a little Jack.