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About Blackjack Bikes

The genesis of Blackjack Bikes begins, appropriately enough, in a bar when a long-time friend who’s been in the bike business forever asked Jack about buying some frames. These weren’t cheap imports; these were high-quality carbon made in the same Taiwanese factories the big brands used.

As usual, Jack, up for any adventure, said okay. He’d been working some extra side jobs, had some money saved up. Some other friends wanted fat bike frames and mountain bike frames. So that was the beginning.

Blackjack Bikes carbon fat bike Fate carbon 29er mountain bike DoubleDown

The name came when a few buddies were out mountain biking, and one suggested “Blackjack” and the name stuck.

And there was a deeper meaning, although Jack didn’t talk about that at first. His brother Tom wanted to a blackjack dealer at the Potawotami Casino in Milwaukee. Tom died suddenly of a heart attack at age 57 in 2013. That new gratitude Jack felt about cycling got a lot deeper after that.

Once Blackjack emerged as the name, the designs came naturally: the playing card Jacks as skulls, the daggers, the old pirate fonts.

Now Jack is building the brand. He’s at the Wisconsin Off-Road mountain bike series (WORS) races, bringing the Blackjack frames, bikes, tent, and t-shirts with him.

Stop by, chat with Jack about his bikes. Take one for a spin. It’s a ride you won’t soon forget.